Our Mission

Root to Life was created to address the challenges of the modern workplace. Many of these challenges have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused the percentage of remote workers to jump from 15% to almost 50%. Increasingly, workers spend their days sitting in the same seat, staring at a screen, and moving from one virtual meeting to the next. Gone are water cooler conversations, chance office encounters, and the feeling of togetherness that comes with the physical proximity of the office space. In a time where it’s easier than ever to communicate, it’s harder than ever to connect.

These changes have impacted both workers and employers. Workers report increases in stress, emotional exhaustion, and burnout, while employers have to contend with reduced employee interconnectedness, decreased diversity of collaboration, and lower levels of employee engagement. As the landscape of work changes, employers are struggling to find ways to create an environment in which a culture of healthy, engaged, productive employees can emerge.

The Root to Life wellness platform was designed with these challenges in mind. While the virtual work environment has freed us from the traditional restraints of geography and time, those freedoms come at the expense of the interpersonal engagement that drives culture. Despite the prevalence of technology, the human experience is rooted in physical existence and meaningful relationships. We are connected to life through our bodies and our relationships with one another. We seek to take advantage of the benefits that remote work provides while incorporating the social experience of the offline world. We are focused on integrating the physical and social aspects of human nature into the virtual world we’ve come to inhabit.

Our Platform

The Root to Life wellness platform is built around three pillars: yoga & mindfulness, community, and behavioral science.

Yoga and Mindfulness

Why we choose yoga and mindfulness

Academic and medical literature is filled with findings that detail the mental and physical benefits of both yoga and mindfulness. Some of the most noticeable benefits include reduced stress, pain reduction, increased focus, improved cardiovascular health, and weight control. In addition to their effectiveness, yoga and mindfulness are also easily adjustable for a range of fitness levels and can be done in a variety of settings, making them ideal candidates for workplace wellness.

Our Approach to Yoga and Mindfulness

The Root to Life platform incorporates a variety of approaches to yoga and mindfulness, giving participants the ability to engage in the practice that’s right for them. The program consists of both live, virtual group classes and on-demand video-based classes that can be taken alone or with a group. This approach creates opportunities for employees to connect with one another in an informal way while giving them the flexibility to customize their private practice. In addition to full-length yoga classes, the on-demand library features yoga vignettes focused on specific body parts and desired outcomes. Classes range from 3-minute breathing meditations to hour-long power flows.

Research indicates that social engagement is a key factor in creating positive outcomes in wellness initiatives, specifically with regard to long-term commitment. Key components of social engagement include accountability and support. When individuals feel like they belong to a greater community, they report higher rates of satisfaction and increased resilience. The Root to Life wellness platform takes advantage of these findings by creating an online community in which participants can share experiences, chat about their progress, and deepen their connections with one another.

Behavioral Psychology

Behavioral psychology has become ubiquitous in the online world. That’s because it works. The Root to Life platform incorporates some of the most proven elements of behavioral psychology in order to increase engagement and drive results. Those elements include gamification, rewards, challenges, reminders, and goal tracking.